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Originally Posted by Ruth Ann View Post
Nicole - Do not let the body fat machine worry you. Those machines, in my experience, are not terribly accurate and more useful for just information/trends than anything else.

Remember, lean body mass includes everything that isn't fat. So water, muscle, organs, blood, connective tissue, etc., etc. There are a myriad of reasons why it would show you losing LBM as opposed to fat at any given time - less water in your system, less undigested food - you get the idea.

As far as your coach jumping right to the "are you cheating" question - you might let her know that it offended you especially since you lost weight. You and your hubby are doing great! Remember, you are paying your coach a lot of money for this program - you deserve to be treated with respect.
Thank you Ruth Ann for clarifying LBM and making me feel more confident in our losses. I think I will let her know how I felt and that I am very honest and would be up front if I slipped up, which I wont do because I need this and many slips got me here in the first place.

Thanks again!
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