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Originally Posted by FeraFilia View Post
I do walk at home a lot. Turn on the music and a 30 minute timer and step on and off of my wii fit board And the FitBit One has a sleep function (it came with wrist band with a pocket to wear at night). Basically the same idea. You push and hold the button til it vibrates, and then a timer starts up. Then you push and hold it again in the morning when you're ready to get up. You can edit the times when you log into the site later, as well. Like if you were laying down reading, for 30 minutes, you can just change your start time on your dashboard the next day. It's nifty so far. I love the flower that 'grows'... the more active you are, the taller it gets!
My thoughts are so out of sync. I was going to say, yeah dancing is great, too! I'm glad you were able to figure the sleep function out, Mandy. I don't have the flower thing on my Force. It has the numbered displays for whatever you want to see like steps, miles, calories burned, time, etc and you can set your goals where it will vibrate when you hit them and does a graphic display like fireworks. And then like you said, you can edit things on the dashboard, but I usually just let it do its thing unless I have exercise like riding my bike or something that it doesn't register. I haven't been putting the weights either.
I will go with the flow and trust that it will take me where I need to be...

1,000 miles walking in 2014 (7/5) ✔

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