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I hope everyone is having a great week!!!

Katt, I'm so proud of you working with a trainer. I hear they really push you! I hope you enjoy the new exercise ball.
I thought of you this morning when I was trying to pick out a cupcake for my birthday. Ironically, I just kept thinking they couldn't be as good as the ones you make and I ended up leaving without one. After 6 weeks with no sugar, you have had my mouth watering lately so I WILL find THAT very special cupcake. I'm on a mission; before the week is over.

Sue, you are doing fantastic! Way to go on the new low!!! I hear you on the rain , it has been going on for days here, but at least it isn't like last month when we got the 20 inches in 24 hours.

Ubee, SO GLAD to have you back with us along with your wonderful personality!!! Thanks for all the giggles, I so needed that. Yay for walking hubby to work!
on not bringing the hormones home with me. Wouldn't that be great?! I've had this extended PMS now for 11 days and if this is the start of menopause, I might not like it as much as I thought.
My "break" is not really a vacation exactly. More of a business trip with a little birthday celebrating, family seeing and hiking mixed in. Nowhere exciting, just ATL on business and hoping to do some hiking up at Little River Canyon/Noccalula Falls. I would also like to get a little shopping in since I have nothing that fits me except for t-shirts right now.

Mandy, great job on all the walking!!! If you can't find a better place to do your walking, you can always walk in place or use a walking DVD. I sometimes do that when the weather is bad or while I'm watching a show that I am really enjoying. Those steps add up fast and you can really lift those knees higher and add more moves that you can't do while regular walking that helps burn the inches all over.
I'm not sure how the FitBit Ones work regarding the sleep function. Mine is a wrist watch with various displays and it has a button that you hold to turn on the timer when you lie down. Then you hold that button again when you get up and it logs the times awake, awakened, basically any movements during the night. It wasn't very accurate for me because I can lie very still while watching TV and it gave me credit for sleep I wasn't actually getting, but if I waited to turn it on, I would forget and fall asleep. They have a support section online at the FitBit site that might can help if you haven't found out how to activate it yet. I have yet to not find an answer there for the Force even though it has been re-called.
Have a safe trip!!!

Well, tomorrow's first celebration was moved up to today so... I will be having margaritas tonight. Hopefully that will make me feel better for a minute. I'll still be in town until Friday, but didn't want to weigh after the rimmed sea salt tonight. And the family celebrations on Thursday. I will definitely check back in before I hit the road. I'll be reading on my trip, but I'm not so good typing with my thumbs so I might not get to do much replying until I get back next week.
I will go with the flow and trust that it will take me where I need to be...

1,000 miles walking in 2014 (7/5) ✔
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