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And I think that hashtag is ridiculous. Count me as a non-woman, apparently, because I've never experienced any sort of discrimination or sexism for being a woman. Ever. Unless you count being teased in grade school which was par for the course. I've seen far more discrimination for obesity than anything related to a pair of breasts, and think feeding the victim mentality among women and overemphasizing the sexual proclivities of men does nothing to actually help discourse or civility in our culture.

As for women not wanting to lose weight and get sexual attention from men, it happens but is more common in some age groups and demographics than others. For me it's never been a problem, like Sum I'm actually losing weight for the benefit of my wonderful husband as much as for myself. I've never been harassed or victimized over it. Apparently I just run in the last remaining circle of courteous, self controlled, respectful men and modest, self controlled, respectful women.
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