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Ubee... I live in Columbia, SC... and not in the pretty historical part, in the bad "crime all the time" part... I'm not a fan of walking outside, especially off campus. (Seriously, there was a double stabbing like, right across the street from my apartment a couple months ago, we heard the screaming and luckily there was a patrol car near by... and a couple years ago, there was a murder on the street we cross to get the mail/go to the gym)... Definitely looking forward to moving this summer to "small town" area. Hubby has an interview this Saturday in middle-of-nowhere Indiana and I hope he gets it!

Easily... Good for you not letting the scale boss you around! Whenever it doesn't change, I remind myself that everyone else sees the measurements, only I see the number on the scale.

Katt... Not my pup. Wish I had one that big and feisty! I used to, but he died a few years ago This is a friend's dog we were watching while they vacationed at the beach. Also, white chocolate, cream cheese, and lemon are like... my 3 favorite flavors for any dessert thing. Not sure what passion fruit tastes like, but I'm sure it is amazing. If you lived closer I'd offer to pay for shipping to get one of those. They sound fantastic!

I'm procrastinating. I really need to do laundry and pack... traveling the next 5 days. Oy. Traveling always makes swell up.
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