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Originally Posted by Nicole12 View Post
Yesterday my husband and I had oour 4th weigh in and it was the smallest loss thus far but alas, still a loss. I am down another 2.8 lbs for a 4 week total of 18 and he was down another 4 lbs for a 4 week total of 40lbs.

Our coach re-does the body fat composition t est every 4 weeks so it was time to run the test. It showed that we had both lost more lbs in th elean category than in the fat category so she asked us if we had "cheated" and we have not. She said she had to ask as she sees this result for one of two reasons, 1. the person is eating too many carbs, or 2. its early on in the weight loss process so the % of lean lost could be contributed to more water weight. Then she said there are some coaches that dont even use the body fat test because they feel its not very accurate.

I was a little offended that she jumped right to the "are you cheating question" because we are not. Has anyone else had these results? Is this machine really even that accurate?

Thx and have a great day everyone

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Nicole - Do not let the body fat machine worry you. Those machines, in my experience, are not terribly accurate and more useful for just information/trends than anything else.

Remember, lean body mass includes everything that isn't fat. So water, muscle, organs, blood, connective tissue, etc., etc. There are a myriad of reasons why it would show you losing LBM as opposed to fat at any given time - less water in your system, less undigested food - you get the idea.

As far as your coach jumping right to the "are you cheating" question - you might let her know that it offended you especially since you lost weight. You and your hubby are doing great! Remember, you are paying your coach a lot of money for this program - you deserve to be treated with respect.

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