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Mindy~ Those little handfuls do add up. Great job on the run. I'm so excited to have today off to myself to run.

I didn't preregister for the 5k this weekend, but I can still register the morning of. Still fighting myself to do it. But I am running the 1 mile fun run with Mak on June 11, and a 1/2 mile fun run with Tommy on the 12. I know it isn't the same, but we are going to start our "training" today.

So I have been thinking. What do people with no weight issues eat in a normal day? I know it varies, but what do I "think they eat"? I would like to try incorporating what my "views" of eating skinny (not dieting) is.

something like
Breakfast: oatmeal and toast or a protein smoothie
Lunch: tuna/ham/turkey sandwich and a bag of chips
Snack: fruit and cheese? Hummus and veggies?
Dinner meat salad and starch.

W 80 oz
E run at my own pace and distance. I feel like I am starting over again. It has been too long.
E no whites at night.
D Enjoy my day off. With no sick kids.
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