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So, i see myself as "being on a diet" right now. Its a weightloss journey. lol. Yes my diet is about losing weight. And it is a journey though i don't cover too many kilometres since i'm not really doing much exercise.

I find the word journey useful. As i've done a lot of travelling in my time its a meaningful term. I've been on other sorts of journeys too. Of course it might not be so meaningful to others. They may even find it pretentious or pointless but that's how i feel terms other people use.

WOE most of the time i can't even remember what it means so that frustrates me a little.

Back to my diet. while technically incorrect, as kaplods has shown us, i'm only on this diet until i reach my goal weight. Then i am no longer on a diet. But what i eat will not change. The way i am eating now is for life and i like to think of it like that because it helps me feel more committed.

Other people may not find that a useful way of thinking about their food choices, but it is very significant to me since every time i have reverted to eating sweets in the past, i've regained the weight i lost, so this change adopted involves quitting sweets but its only a diet so long as i'm losing weight, at least in terms of the terminology i use.

I think this thread shows that we are much more particular and diverse in the ways we think about and conceptualise the way we talk about our weightloss efforts than the way we actually go about losing weight. Which is a good thing.

Some people are totally comfortable with old terms and don't much care for the new. Some prefer the new over the old. Some find the new pretentious. Some find the old constricting and negative. etc etc. With the diversity of our backgrounds, is it any wonder?

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