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Good Morning girls

Glynne...just put one serving of PB2 in.( 2 Tablespoons = 45 calories) Cocoa is 1 Tablespoon = 15 calories. As to the stevia packets, you can use that or any sweetener. Splenda, store brand splenda, any no calorie sweetener to taste. I stop the blender and have a taste, add more sweetener at that time if needed. Just use the same ingredients you'd put in a smoothie without all the liquid. (The liquid gets frozen into cubes)

Congrats on the 10 pounds are starting out about the same weight I started a few years ago. I was up to 169 and that weight was what broke the camels back. I got very serious about losing it, exercising and I didn't stop until I reached my goal. You too can do it, just keep on truckin'.

Fiber One-Carb
Flax & Chia-Fat
Almond Milk-Protein

AM Snack: coffee/almond milk shake

Lunch: chicken veggies soup

PM Snack: saved it for after supper snack

pork loin- protein
potato - carb
butter for spud-fat
lettuce salad with raspberry vinegar dressing (5 calories)

TV snack: popcorn

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