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Hi Coaches!

Yesterday was a good food day. Credit. It was super busy at work which leads me to believe the tourist season has really started here. The river is high and there are rafters everywhere. I haven't gotten on the scale yet, but I assume it will be in my normal range since it just usually "is". For me, weighing everyday is routine and it feels great since I can still remember "back in the day" when I ate when I wanted, never weighed then would (for some odd reason) and would be a bit baffled that I'd gained 10 more pounds. It's why the daily skills of BDS work so great for me. It has taught me to take care of my food/weight every single day. Credit. It took some time but this truly does feel better.

BBE, great kudos for staying out of several different pantry snacks! I always love your stories, too. Yes, Vive la difference!

Cheryl(Gosford Girl), sometimes when my life goes from busy to super insane (like with your project) I feel less connected. Perhaps for me, it's just a visible manifestation of my weariness. I don't know either, yet I know I want to stay on that path and the only way for me is to continue to post even when I don't feel "connected". Funny about your kindle, but a great new use for it!

AZtricia, yay for a washing machine! Your cooking always sounds so awesome! I'm glad you enjoy it! Your healthy food plans are definitely a long term success strategy! They will take you to your goal!

onebyone, super credit for getting out to the gym early! It's such a strategy for success to "just do it", and cross it off the list for the day. Those 20-30 minutes really do add up! How far is it to your gym?

CeeJay, credit for getting on the scale and having a surprisingly good number! It is a success to maintain a previous loss now you can move down another increment and maintain that. I encourage you to form a new habit/routine of posting every day….regardless. If you read the fine print (lol) regarding a diet coach (even an online one) the act of sharing (even a setback) is a strategy for success. Our collective struggles/successes are why we are all here and why this program works.

nationalparker, hope today has some brighter (and less bizarre) moments. I can't believe someone took the flag. Duh!

MaryAnn, glad to hear your settling in with your new plan. Nice that you are arranging it to fit your own lifestyle. Good luck on your last week of school!

I was almost late to work yesterday. I had a moment where I thought "I'll just eat at work", then came to my reality that smoothie is my breakfast AND I just said I never leave home without breakfast… I dashed down and chucked my fruits/veggies in the vitamix and put it in a sealed jar to drink at work. Got outside and the old toyota wasn't where I usually parked it….moment of panic…..remembered I parked it on the other side of the street… didn't want to start and when it finally did it was so loud the dog didn't want to get in. Fortunately, it's ok to be a little late and my smoothie was extra tasty, for whatever reason.
My Beck success skills remind me that it is easier to plan ahead than to rely on spontaneous success. I will dress, make smoothie, feed the pup and pack his lunch, pay water bill.... then I will sit on the porch with coffee and watch hummingbirds. LOL.
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