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Default Tuesday night


Not a bad day - had a plan and so far have eaten to plan. Have walked my steps and decided to go to gym tomorrow night and not tonight because a meeting went late. It has been fantastic to see all the activity, inspiration and positive thinking on the discussion board. Sometimes I feel so connected to this group and other times like a total loner - not sure what makes the difference but at the moment it sure is connected.

I have decided I need to read a little more of Beck than the daily postings by BillBE. I have a kindle version because I have stored the hard copy somewhere. On a plane to Jakarta I was having a hot chocolate and managed to tip the entire cup into my kindle. It didn't die immediately but sputtered and randomly generated pages for a while before I gave up on it and decide to "wash it" under a tap to get rid of the sticky chocolate. Of course it gave up entirely at that point and I bought a new one. Sometime later, I am not sure why, I tested it before I threw it out. It works perfectly now and I have decided to keep it exclusively for my BDS bedside book for my daily inspiration

BillBE - I really like the idea that "Life in the small can be good." - that is my future. Scones are a trap and should be banned from all public events I think - way too good and seductive.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - great post - generous and sharing of successful strategies. I like the hopefullness that any of us can actually do this and as Bill says it is "exactly possible". Hope you weren't late for work because of it

Maryann - Credit for OP - glad you are feeling comfortable with the new WW plan. Credit for thinking about a pattern of eating that suits your needs. Yay for the last week of school. Mine is the last week of lectures but no summer holiday to look forward to. [Do teachers get paid for the summer holidays in the US?]

Nationalparker - I love the gratitude practices and you are right - they are so grounding and real. It is good to stop and think about all the people involved in the production of what we take for granted. I like the miracle questions because they open up possibilities rather than closing down dialogues with clients/people. Hope your mum settles and you can detach yourself to go home soon

Onebyone - Huge credit for going to gym! And planning to do the same tomorrow. Credit for settling on a goal that works for you at the moment. I hope the miracle questions lead you somewhere helpful

CeeJay - fabulous that your weight stayed down - I am happy for you. Credit for an on plan day and for keeping to your plan and goals for the day - so satisfying. One more day, a day at a time. I will be looking for you tomorrow to keep us all going.

Tricia - what a relief that your washer arrived! The relief is palpable - I feel it all the way over here . I was a serious swimmer from age 8 to 15 so totally get the need for lots of calories for breakfast and dinner. I used to swim 3 miles in the morning and 2 in the evening and looked like an advertisement for famine even though I ate like a horse. I imagine keeping food up to your kids would be challenging. My mother only had to deal with one but you seem to have a host of them

Have a good day coaches

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