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UBEE - I almost wet myself laughing at your comment about my girls .. and yep .. the puppies add a few pounds to a scale lol ... mind you .. their journey to join my knees is definitely not a good one so sometime will eventually have to be done with em lol So missed your comments on the board.

FERA - Sounds like you are set for plans and back up plans for your walking .. great job Your dog sounds gorgeous too

Okee .. well I had a lovely day off with my hunny .. even if I did get up a couple of hours before he did lol .. poor hunny must have stayed up longer than I thought playing with his new music programs on the computer (I fell asleep lol) ... we had a late breakfast .. then had a nice slow start to the rest of the day. We drove into town where he dropped me off at the gym for my session with the trainer .. I was about 15 minutes early so I went straight onto the treadmill to warm up before the trainer (did level 3 of the weight loss program for 15 minutes) .. then had a good 30 minutes with the trainer who was so positive about my stance etc .. apparently I am a thinking exerciser .. I evaluate my moves as I am doing them and always adjusting to get it right, as well as watching everything she is doing when she is showing me what the next move is going to be Have one more training session with her for this sort of training .. and then have 3 sessions on the vibrafit machine ... and then I will look into more trainer sessions .. but I have already paid for these ones so may just stick to the routines she has already given me for a month or two then pay for another few sessions to learn some new ones or something ... will all depend on the finances of course

After the workout I had a lovely hot shower, got dressed in my new size 16 tights!! and went off to meet up with hunny at the mall for a muffin and coffee. Then it was off to the supermarket to get some bits for a recipe I wanted to try to make for my customers tomorrow .. and it was dinner alone for me tonight cos he had a boys night out to go to (its a monthly thing .. curry night with the boys .. which I am really happy he does cos otherwise he doesnt really go anywhere without me!) .. so I had gotten this new low carb bread to try and made myself a couple of toasted sandwiches which I filled with Lite Cottage Cheese w/ Chives & Garlic, mixed with 2tsp of powdered Parmesan Cheese .. then my real treat for it was my fave chicken bacon (so low in calorie and fat and soooooo tasting like bacon lol) which I had dry fried on the George Foreman before adding to the sandwich .. and boy was that filling and so delicious ... on the down side that bread may be low carb but it is high calorie .. hence only 2 sandwiches instead of the 3 I originally thought I was going to have

Now ... baking .. I figured it would be a good time to do it while hunny was gone ... so I tried a few changes to my Vanilla cupcake recipe ... I reduced the sugar (as it was caster sugar and fine I figured really it didnt need that much and I knew there was going to be icing on it too lol) ... AND .. instead of just using flour .. I used 3/4 of the flour and the other 1/4 was Almond Meal .. but I might change that to half and half next time. I also added in a couple of tablespoons of Greek Yoghurt too (just the plain light one). No milk either Then to try something a little different .. I crushed about 12 Sweet Digestive biscuits (NZ Graham Crackers lol) really fine and put a layer of it at the bottom of each cupcake liner before I put the batter on it then sprinkled a bit more of it on top before I baked them AND THEY WORKED!! lol .. Mother in law just came back to tell me she really loved this new one .. especially the surprise crumb at the bottom .. was almost like a cheesecake but with a cake instead of creamy middle part I have made a White Chocolate/Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting to go on top ... contemplating putting my Passionfruit/Lemon jelly IN the cupcake first though to give a real surprise ... while I have saved calories in some places others I have added .. and yeah .. this is definitely not look like one of my low cal, dairy free OR gluten free ones lol .. but the book has to have a few extreme ones I think .. just for variety ... Im thinking this could be a lovely dessert too .. anyway .. will let you know what I decide and try to remember to take a pic lol.

So now Im relaxing .. waiting for it all to cool so I can finish them off and pack them up for work tomorrow .. so its been a great day How has yours been???


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