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Healthy Lifestyle Changes
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Hurray, our washer was delivered early. Four loads cleaned and bunches more left for tomorrow! Roast in the crockpot became shredded beef buritos after swim team. Off to the orthodontist in the morning for a post-treatment evaluation for oldest and a quick check for youngest who will likely need braces in his teens. Middle son lucked out and has straight teeth. Walking the dog then going to bed finally. Kiddos have been needy and late tonight and dh and I are tired! Good-night all,

onebyone Glad everything turned out OK with your mom. Hope you can find the right place for her. Kudos for gym time and planning to go tomorrow also.

nationalparker Our first home did not have a dishwasher and we put one in right away! I don't love laundry, but don't hate it. My favorite chore is probably cooking. So sorry it was a tough day. Hope your dad had a good visit.

Cheryl/GosfordGirl Hurray for one last teaching day already prepped and for veggies all ready for dinner. Thanks for sharing about the therapy lecture.

BillBlueEyes We <3 libraries. Middle ds wanted to reserve books, but his card had expired, so he completely filled my card AND dh's card with books he wants to read this summer! Your dinner viewing nature sounds awesome!

Lexxiss/Debbie I so appreciated your post today. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and your journey! Wishing you an awesome day also. I especially liked:
Originally Posted by Lexxiss View Post
For me, "Routine" is such an important strategy for success. Posting is a routine, making a food plan is a routine, exercise is a routine, making time for dieting is a routine AND even getting back on track is a routine.
maryann Hurray for a plan that works for you. Meals sounds wise.

Kudos for OP today. Happy for you that the 8 lbs stayed lost!
Tricia in AZ
Weight loss Plan: Track food in Diet Power, Exercise Plan: walk dog + TTapp DVD 3X/wk

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