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Originally Posted by GraceRev View Post
I am happy to be back home after a weekend in San Antonio for a family celebration. Oh my goodness y'all, the things I resisted! I am very proud of myself for not eating anything off plan. I may not have gotten all of my veggies and water in, but it was still a HUGE victory for me to have traveled and held my own. I asked for what I needed when we ate out, even choosing a plate of nothing but romaine at a greasy-spoon type place that had NOTHING even remotely OP.
Got some exercise in while we did some sightseeing in the hot Texas sun, lol. Glad I had sunscreen.
I am relieved to be back to my normal routine and now I feel challenged to really keep OP. if I can do this well while traveling, I have no excuse to let myself fail while at home.
Congrats on getting through the trip! I know what you mean about being glad to be home - so much easier in our own place. Hope you had a great time.

Originally Posted by tamila View Post
Thanks, everyone, for the support! Today is a new day. I still can't breathe very well but the rising sun on a new day brings hope! And my husband bought he a pedi awhile back that I never used so I need to find it and use it!!
There you go - get a pedi!

Originally Posted by SylviesGirl View Post
So I snagged myself a nearly brand new Magic Bullet at a yard sale the other day. I have been experimenting and made myself the best thing ever this afternoon. (I was supposed to be having meat for lunch since I am on P2, but events not within my control sent me running into WalMart for celery sticks and a bar. Once I got home, I had a shake to try to get closer to a P2 amount of lunch protein. Anyway . . .)

Approximately 3/4 of an EAS Carb Control Vanilla shake
Ice to fill the large mug about 2/3 full
2 tsp instant coffee (don't judge me, I have come to like it!)
1 pkt Splenda
a bit less than 1/4 tsp cinnamon

Blend until smooth and icy. Oh my!! I might go back to P1 just so I can have these 3 times a day! (only kidding ) So good, though. So keep your eyes peeled for those Bullets at yard sales this summer . . . seems like the regular, non-shake-3xday-drinkers are over them already.

P.S. I've got my husband stopping to buy me ice on his way home tonight. My, how things change. I used to ask for wicked things like candy or chips . . . now there is nothing in the world I want more tonight than some ice! LOL
That sounds really good. Don't you love new gadgets?

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