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Hi everyone,

So excited to report that I was on plan today. Did everything I told myself I would do. So happy about that. I have a plan for tomorrow and am determined to do one more day. I had a great relief when I got on the scale this morning. Somehow the 8 pound loss was maintained. Thankful and rather suprised about that.

nationalparker- sending you positive thoughts for the best for you and your family. Thanks for taking time to encourage us when you have so much on your plate.

FutureFitChick- thanks for the yippee!! Same back at you.

AZtricia- good for you to know for sure that you will see a loss soon if you stay on plan. We are bombarded with mosquitoes right now so I share your pain.

onebyone- we are in this together and we are both going to succeed. We need to believe that. We both know that our planning and weightloss efforts have to come first. Not work or anything else. So happy for you that today was a good one.

GosfordGirl- major kuddos for your 8000 steps. Thank you for your comments about the importance of posting- I need to make it a priority because I have drifted away many times.

BillBlueEyes- read your message for me first thing this morning and it made my day. Thanks for the support and I am going to read Get Back on Track tonight before bed.

Lexxiss- your advice about the importance of posting is right on the money. My pattern has been that as soon as I "mess up" I stop posting. Then I feel embarrassed and stop posting for awhile. I start feeling I have no right to be any sort of coach and am just bringing people down who are working very hard at achieving their goals. I know posting keeps me on track and gets me back on track when things don't go well.

It helps enormously to hear from people who have lost a great deal of weight- what helped and all the good things weightloss brings. Thanks for the very telling phrase "was willing to do anything to make this weightloss happen."

maryann- hurray for an OP day.

Have a good day tomorrow everyone!

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