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Freeze 1 cup almond milk in ice cube trays. Put frozen cubes in your blender with a tad bit of water or more almond milk, whatever frozen fruit you want, stevia and blend until light and airy. Mine looks like soft serve ice cream. Don't put too much water or almond milk in or it turns into a smoothie.
I've put cocoa powder in for Bruce, carob for me. You can peel bananas and wrap in sara wrap, throw in the freezer and make chocolate banana soft serve.
Last night I made Bruce soft serve using frozen cherries, he loved it. I added fruit flavored stevia and some almond extract.

For mine, I used PB2 peanut butter, vanilla and frozen almond cubes in the blender. Whatever you use in smoothies, use for soft serve. You use very little liquid.

P.S. You can't eat the frozen almond milk cubes, they must be blended.

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