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I'm on a flexible 1-1-1. I think some things are kind of contradictory so I just use my judgement. For instance she says blueberry muffin counts as only one carb on the regular plan, but I can't have any brown sugar or honey in my oatmeal. What sense is that? Maybe it's just me not understanding but I'm gonna use my own judgement on some things so if you notice somethings slightly off plan that's probably why. I dropped two pounds over night so hopefully I can get back on track now and get down to where I was.

Breakfast this am
oatmeal (only 1/3 cup dry today) with 1 t. honey - carb
1 T slivered almonds - fat
1 cup nf milk protein

bobbi - I mostly almond milk in smoothies and mochas and really like it that way. I 'd probably like your mock ice cream it is similar to how I use it in smoothies and mochas.

We are going to get messages this afternoon. They were gifts from our oldest dd for Christmas and we are just now getting to them.
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