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Originally Posted by NotCoolEnough View Post
Happy Monday, all!

I started last Tuesday and am having a couple of issues I was wondering if anyone else has had. First off, I'm super emotional. My boyfriend irritated me on Friday night and I ended crying for an hour. I had a right to be upset, but... I'm not sure the response was proportional to the offense. And I've been cranky all weekend. Usually this gets better when I eat something, but sometimes it persists for a while afterwards. Does this get better as you go along?

Second, I haven't "used the restroom" since before I started. I've been taking laxatives all weekend and I feel like things are starting to move, but so far nothing. Anyone have any tips? I've heard IP can cause this, but I kind of figured I'd be alright since I'm eating a lot more fiber than I was before. I've always been more of a twice-a-week person than a twice-a-day person, but this is getting silly. Plus my first weigh in is tomorrow, and I'd prefer to fix this problem before then. Any ideas on how to manage it in the future? I'm already taking a probiotic.
Yes...I think it's normal to be grouchy at first on IP...but constipation REALLY makes me a mess. There is another thread on just this subject. Coffee helps me...or Phillips Caplets. Othets have used Smooth Move tea with success. "Fleet" (magnesium citrate) is a last resort if it's been a week or more. But you have to be home ALL day. Good luck!

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