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Hi Coaches!

Yesterday wasn't my most stellar OP day but I didn't eat anything off my OP list of foods for SBD, so I consider it to be "OK". For the record, I had my morning smoothie *credit*, had one sourdough heel w/PB at work, then "dinner" consisted of whole grain bread in a quantity greater than necessary, my daily chocolate and a banana. I acknowledge it was a response to stress (got a call from DH's ex while I was at work) which ticked DH off (it's about his DD's) so he took an early leave (he had already planned to head over to our other place to mow lawns.)

The good news is I have peace and quiet here, something to savor. I have already been up for a 2 hr. mandatory "paint" which keeps my project moving forward, even as I head to the restaurant. Credit.

Originally Posted by GosfordGirl View Post
I occasionally get to the point where I think that it is all too difficult to fit a post in - I read your posts at different times throughout the day and then in the evening it is time "to post" and it can be difficult to fit in. And I need to make an attempt at personals or I don't feel engaged. And I know if I don't post I will just drift off as I did in 2010 or 2011 and forget that I was even trying to achieve health goals. So thanks for being here to post to and for posting so I am not speaking to the void
Cheryl(GosfordGirl), I have to say that with my sleep "disorder" I have many lonely nights as even 3FC is pretty boring in the wee hours. When I "do" get up I check in here and have come to depend on your evening post as a real energizer, as it is the first thing I read every morning here. I sense very strongly, from my own experience, that MY personal choice of checking in every day is the greatest thing I can do for myself AND sometimes my words can help others, as yours help me. I think the universal tendency when we don't post is that we do eventually drift off.....which is why Dr.Beck puts such emphasis on a Diet Coach/Buddy.

CeeJay, you said," I know many of you have been where I am and I thank you for all you share. I was reading posts and looked at Lexxiss's stats in her post this morning and thought about how good it would feel to be there someday. I know it is not impossible, but sometimes it sure feels that way."
I totally agree with BBE response to you, "It is exactly possible for you to duplicate what Debbie (Lexxiss) has done. It's a terrific start to post here and then to get back on track one strategy at a time. You might choose to re-read the Beck chapter day 20 Get Back on Track to remember how to recover. We're all behind you."
I do feel good, even though I have a more progress ahead of me. The health benefits started coming my way many pounds ago. I didn't used to believe I could ever be healthy again. Dr. Beck allows me to point out that sabotaging thought to myself and to formulate a response to keep me moving forward.

CeeJay, onebyone and FutureFitChick, you are all so important to this group. There are several others who are not currently posting that I think of often. I encourage you all and continue to believe with all my heart that "You can do this!" I share that I have been where you've been and have felt how you feel. At my high weight I felt depressed and defeated. My attempts at WL were sporadic. I had to go to two family reunions and was mortified as the cameras clicked and my obesity was recorded into the albums of many (My mom still has one such pic on her refrigerator). My first attempt at "true accountability" came after I had lost much weight on my own, then regained 25# during the winter of 2008-09, which started with a holiday ham at Thanksgiving.....which lead to uncontrolled eating until Christmas.....until NewYears.....until Easter....Then a May trip which had been planned for months came and none of my Summer clothes fit anymore. I (once again) had to go on the trip, endure the camera AND most importantly, finally decide in my heart, (similar to recovery from my alcoholism) that I was ready to take certain steps and was willing to do anything to make this weightloss happen. I ate what I wanted during that trip and found 3FC the day I returned. I knew I needed support and it has always been here.

My weightloss journey became far more manageable and enjoyable when I found 3FC and absolutely committed to posting every day. I did that for several years before I came upon Beck Diet Solution. I took time this morning to read through Day 6 "Find A Diet Coach" because I think it's an essential part of successful dieting. Dr. Beck really stresses that a diet coach can keep you motivated, build your self-confidence, help you solve problems and keep you accountable. When she discusses accountability, she states, "Knowing that you have to report on your progress to someone can motivate you to stick to your plan. THIS IS A CRUCIAL COMPONENT OF THE PROGRAM." (her caps included).
A daily check in helps me in so many ways:
-Make Time for Dieting
-Get Back on Track (immediately)

For me, "Routine" is such an important strategy for success. Posting is a routine, making a food plan is a routine, exercise is a routine, making time for dieting is a routine AND even getting back on track is a routine.

And now, I need to get going and get to work. My one rule (Beck inspired) I do not break is that I do not leave home in the morning without having breakfast, which is my morning smoothie.

I appreciate you all! I could not do this alone. Several years ago I could not have imagined living the stress I deal with daily and sticking with a food plan could go together. BDS gave me confidence that I could, if I made dieting and planning a priority. I'm grateful that the planning skills I have learned are trickling down into other areas of my life. Those life planning skills are helping me to stay "less" stressed and more willing to focus on myself.

Ok, well I could be late for work.....I wish a wonderful day for each and every one of you!
Debbie R

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