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Thumbs up Monday

Diet Coaches/Buddies Reaped the benefits of riding my bike, CREDIT moi, on my regular Sunday morning excursion. On the way home I diverted a bit to follow signs to two yard sales, a micro library in the corner of a yard, and a condo open house. Picked up three Stanley hand tools for $1 - a special bargain since I actually need them. (This differs from picking up one more screwdriver for 5 cents just because it's such a bargain only to be put in the stack of such screwdrivers.) Got the No S Diet from the micro library, which is one foot cube box on a post. The condo was the first floor of a three unit building that's been under restoration for two full years. They created appealing units. The Realtor welcomed me even after I told them I owned a home a block away because I have friends who're looking to live in this neighborhood. A negative, that seems to be true of all condos around here, is that basement space is reduced to the size of a large closet. It'd be like living on a boat. Don't know what I'd do without our basement to hold tools, patio furniture over the winter, bicycles, and accumulated junk.

Had unnecessary snacks at community hour - Ouch. I normally have a coffee and skip the snacks, but I got suckered by white fish on unusual crisp bread. That triggered me to then have portions of scones from one of our best bakeries. That's a distance from the usual array of factory cookies and sweets offered. Otherwise on plan, CREDIT moi. DW added toasted coins of the baguette to our dinner of omelets eaten on the patio even though we had to wear long-sleeved shirts against the chill. We took time to savor the joy of our tiny yard where the native plants support enough native bugs to attract a steady stream of birds. Life in the small can be good.

onebyone Kudos, indeed, for sticking to your plan to return to the gym on June 1st. Interesting to recognize that you are living your life now - but that you can see there's more possible in a healthier body. Supportive thoughts for finding a solution to a good place for your mom.

CeeJay - Nope, it's not wheelchair time because of a bad week after three good ones. It is exactly possible for you to duplicate what Debbie (Lexxiss) has done. It's a terrific start to post here and then to get back on track one strategy at a time. You might choose to re-read the Beck chapter day 20 Get Back on Track to remember how to recover. We're all behind you. Kudos for that fine list of exercise credits for the day.

Debbie (Lexxiss) My brain works better solving electrical problems than plumbing problems. Love seeing your response to a larger lunch by switching to a lower calorie dinner.

silverbirch Adding Hoot and Flush to my lists. Thanks again to your DB for introducing me to Hiaasen. Beck's Green Book definitely has a different feel since it gets away from marching through the 42 days (which was just what I wanted when I started).

Cheryl (GosfordGirl) I've worn the bug head gear in Maine when the flies were otherwise unbearable. I'll take the odd looks anytime. Interesting discussion about Miracle questions. Makes me want to stop and appreciate just what I have at this moment.

FutureFitChick I am so psyched that you're moving to Amsterdam - I'd love to live there for a spell. Will you have a job there? Kudos for "better than the day before" and Double Kudos for accepting that as good.

nationalparker Kudos for resignation that you aren't likely to change your mom. (First time I've ever heard of someone liking hospital food.) Good luck, Don Quixote, against that $2500 hospital bill - remember that it has many arms that keep twirling around, LOL.

Rosebud170 5000 Kudos for "I ran the whole 5k!!!" This helps me, "it helps to remember that I have felt that way before and the next day feels better."

Tricia (AZtricia) - Ouch for a dishwasher joining the strike with your clothes washer. Kudos for recognizing that OP will lead to weight loss - even if not on your expected schedule.

Readers -
day 17 End Overeating

Overload Your Plate - and Don't Eat It All
Today, you'll practice not overeating by purposely putting more food on your plate then you plan to eat. Pick one meal, preferably lunch or dinner. Choose a food that's on your plan, but then I want you to purposely give yourself a larger portion than you would normally allow. Also, choose a food that you're not supposed to eat and put it on your plate. At the beginning of the meal, push the extra portions to the side on your plate. Then eat only the food on your plan.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 153.
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