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Big weekend stumble.

I'm mad at myself, I let a little stumble become bigger and bigger, luckily all within a day and a half, but still...

I hadn't really thought through my strategy for a weekend away and while I managed to fumble through the first 24 hours unscathed, eventually I did yield to my environment (very good food but not at all low carb) and then well, it just was like "I've already blown it, so why not" which of course is where the REAL problem lies, because had the excesses been limited to that one meal Saturday night it would have been no big deal - what was really terrible were the other choices that continued all day yesterday, including a late night raid of a box of chocolates because "after today I'm not doing this again" so of course I had to make a bad situation even worse...

Like I said, I'm really disappointed in myself.

And wow, frightened by what I saw on the scale. Last week I was feeling really confident I'd leave for Denver having made my goal of 179 and be in good shape to hold that number as my target all summer. Now, I'm really unsure.

But I suppose all I can do is do for myself what I wish for each of you who stumble : FORGIVE MYSELF AND MOVE ON

So self, I forgive you. I forgive the bread, desserts, croissant, yogurts, the sandwich, the pizza, the chocolate and the cookies. I forgive the unnecessary bag of pecans, the apple, the jelly on baguette.

Now, let's look ahead, and let's see how fast we can get these extra pounds back off...

** Too embarrassed to post the numbers today, but I promise to put in all the gory details once the scale is moving down again **
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