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Default Tuesday


I ate too much at lunch because I left it late and got confused and didn't want to end up like last Monday where I didn't eat enough - anyway it is the last Monday I will have to worry about it so will move on. Only one more teaching day on Wednesday which is all prepared so tomorrow (Tuesday) is a catch up day. I need to get on top of administrivia (and THE project) this week to get ready for next week off/out of the office (not going anywhere just not to work). I have walked my usual 8000 plus steps which makes me think I should up the expectations from 5K to about 7K (on a bad day I just make 6K). I am enjoying that I prepped all my vegetables last night so dinner is all ready to be cooked.

I occasionally get to the point where I think that it is all too difficult to fit a post in - I read your posts at different times throughout the day and then in the evening it is time "to post" and it can be difficult to fit in. And I need to make an attempt at personals or I don't feel engaged. And I know if I don't post I will just drift off as I did in 2010 or 2011 and forget that I was even trying to achieve health goals. So thanks for being here to post to and for posting so I am not speaking to the void

At a lecture today solution focused therapy came up (as opposed to problem focused therapies) and one of the types of questioning that might be used is what is called "Miracle Questions" - Suppose you woke up one morning and by some miracle everything you ever wanted, everything good you could ever imagine for yourself, had actually happened - your life had turned out exactly the way you wanted it. What will you notice around you that let you know that the miracle had happened? What will you see? What will you hear? What will you feel inside yourself? How would you be different? It made me think about this process and that hope is important and a positive outlook. What do I want to be and how can I make it happen using small steps - it may not be the entire miracle but one step at a time I can get somewhere where I feel different "inside myself"

BillBE - Credit for riding your bike - I couldn't imagine risking L&L (life and limb) to do that here - Australian drivers are known to be amongst the most aggressive - and especially to bike riders. LOL at trying to use all the available real estate on a falafel sandwich

Debbie - Credit for managing to squeeze your real job and food planning in amongst all those other competing demands

FutureFitChick - I so love your "name" - what a great goal! Glad you had an even better day that the day before [I still don't know what the multi-quote button does but am now inspired to find out]. Sounds so amazing to be moving to Amsterdam! More information please! Hope you got to bed early and got your work finished in the morning [I do that often as I am sharpest in the early hours of 4 - 6am]

Rosebud - Credit for the whole 5K - what an accomplishment. A goal of lifestyle change that is sustainable seems like a very sound/sane goal indeed. Hope you had a nice evening with your dad

CeeJay - great list of credits - you are back in the zone!

Nationalparker - you seem to be negotiating a difficult situation with grace - huge credit. Eating is a bit of a casualty at the moment but I am sure you will sort it out

Tricia - So hot! I feel for you. I will think of you now in your mesh bug suit . You dinner sounds yum. As you say the weight will eventually follow your OP eating

Onebyone - Glad you are back with us and that you are on top of your creative submissions. Credit for getting to the gym today - difficult to make the gesture. It is so difficult with parents when they get to the point of needing secure facilities - it happened with my dad once he started to wander and couldn't be contained at home. Such a huge transition period and not a pleasant call to receive. The first time my father got into his car with his dog and was found about 250 miles from home walking on the highway with the dog under his arm because he had run out of petrol. [We took his car keys off him soon after]. Hope you get resolution soon. [This post brought tears to my eyes so it is obviously still an emotionally charged issue. Elder care is huge and in the middle of this post I got a call from a friend who is dealing with being the Guardian for her brother which seems fraught indeed so I wish you and your sister well]


Short Term Goal

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