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Hey everyone! Ah, Monday. My weigh in day. So I have just completed my first week of Optifast. My goal was just basically to complete week 1 strictly following the recommended programme (for AU & NZ, it's 3 Optifast products + two cups of low starch veggies + >2L water + a tsp of vegetable oil /day). I will say that I did cheat one day as I ate this Indian smashed pumpkin thing (I don't know what it is called) which was not allowed. But apart from that I followed it throughout the entire week. I didn't do actual exercises yet because I wanted to focus on just allowing myself to adjust with the diet first. The first day was the toughest!!! I totally felt hunger pangs the entire day so I jest kept on drinking water. The second day wasn't too bad. By day 3, I was fine. I suppose doing some weight loss hypnosis every night helped me with my food cravings too

So for week 1 I have lost...3.5 kgs (7.7 lbs)! so 14.7 kgs more to go

For week 2, my focus is to basically stick with the programme and start exercising for an hour or so. The only activity I had last week was basically walking at work and I do about 15000 steps on a 9 hour shift (I work in the operating theatre of a hospital). The challenge this week is that I will be working four 10-night shifts so I have to alter my optifast schedule and I haven't figured that out yet. But I am excited and ready. Bring on week 2!

I hope you guys are all doing fantastic!

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Hi there
Good for you for taking charge of your health and weight! Optifast is a good program and I particularly like the medical supervision aspect. Wednesday I find out when I get to start and in the meantime I'm counting calories.
Good luck and keep posting!
Thanks heaps!
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