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OK, I am slow to the party and JUST discovered the multi-quote button and how it works. Duh!!!!

Originally Posted by sweetenuf View Post
NSV : I went to the gym today, second time this week. The victory was that I went alone. I do not do anything alone like that.
This is awesome! That takes a tremendous amount of courage and I am so proud of you! (I'm not sure proud is the exact word I want, but you know what I mean.)

Originally Posted by Rayze View Post
Weekends are harder than weekdays for me. I'm confident I will stay OP, there are more thoughts about deprivation. I'm moving forward, attitude is half the battle!
I really have to keep myself busy or distracted when I am like that.

Originally Posted by dangeron View Post
I'm home from the shower still OP. It was tougher than I thought. Really easy to start rationalizing: fruit, I mean it's healthy anyway right? That chicken barely has any breading, a piece won't hurt. But I know myself well enough to know that soon I would have talked myself right into a piece of cake, etc.
So, determination and will power have won the day lol
That sounds like a terrific day to me! You did it! You stayed on track and strengthened your resistance muscles!!!!

Originally Posted by Rayze View Post
Question about poop.
Having more lettuce helps me out.

Originally Posted by RosiePosie101 View Post
So, some friends and I were discussing my success on IP. Someone asked if I had suffered terribly during the first five days due to carb withdrawals and I replied that I'd been really lucky and hadn't really had any symptoms at all. This was the stage when everyone else around the table went quiet. And then they all started laughing. Apparently I was "grumpy and quite mean" during that first week and I almost got unfriended!!! And here was me thinking I was completely under control and on an even keel! Good to know that my wonderful friends stuck by me and were understanding enough to realize that it was just a stage.
That is so funny!!! Thanks for the reminder that I need to be up front with my husband about what may be headed his way during the next week or so.
Things I'm Most Looking Forward To:
More E-N-E-R-G-Y
Buying stylish, not oversized clothes
Being a healthy role-model for my nephews, students, and godson
Horsebackriding without guilt
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