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Originally Posted by Slipfree View Post
It was yummy! Nice to have more variety. I have not had anything other than phase 1 or IP foods for the past 7 months so it is a huge change. The formula is interesting and takes a little figuring out.

How was your visit with your friend?
We had a great visit! She was quite interested in reading the Beck Diet Solution... We all know how to lose weight but there's a lot of mind games that go on in our heads and we all have to figure out how to motivate ourselves to either stay on plan or get right back on plan.... our brains our complicated things!!

I decided to definitely stay on IP for life is just too crazy to try and figure out phasing off.... phase one is pretty simple... I think it will be easier to follow than trying to figure out the breakfasts etc... especially since I will be in Hotels, friend's houses, two weddings and camping all in one month! Hopefully I'll be so close to goal by the end of the month I'll be able to stick it out to 150 (149?LOL)

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