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I never heard of FlavorGods - I may order too!

I reached my goal on Feb 21 - of 150. And in March and April I lost a few pounds and on May 1st I weighed 144. Now the last of the month the same! During the month I ranged from 143-147. The 147 was the day after Chinese. So I maybe found my number of calories to maintain. I have been eating around 2100 - but that is with exercising about 6 days a week. I mean it varied quite a bit (just checked MFP and looked at the range). It was anywhere from 1500-2500 but usually around 2100.

I really like this 144! I think my goal is now 144, but then I guess if I want to stay there I have to go a little lower for traveling, etc. But I don't want to go lower, haha, just stay right here! My travel time starts on June 11. I am going to be frustrated with not having my scale with me. I go to my mom's for a few days and she probably has a scale. Then when I go to my DDs rental apt in Monterey, not sure.

Anyway, I am learning a lot from all of you about how maintaining is never ending! Thanks for all the tips and sharing your struggles and successes!

When people have been asking me about my weight loss I tell them I haven't reached my goal. My goal is to keep it off! I want to be one of that tiny percentage of people who keeps it off! They look at me with a glazed look, like "why did I ask her anything!?" Oh well, I have to keep professing it aloud and to myself so that it will be.

Hit goal on 2/21/2014.

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