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Dee Lou, congrats on the weight loss, good job.

Mary...I need to get back to posting my menu too, it sure helps me keep on track.

I have cheated only a tiny bit. Not in my food choices but when I eat. I just can't go without a snack after supper. I have trouble getting my morning snack in because I'm not hungry and also too busy to remember. Way too much food in the morning for me. So I'm skipping my morning snack and eating it after supper. It hasn't affected my weight loss, I'm down to 128 this morning. I started at 133.4 so I'm over 5 pounds down.

If I hit a plateau, I'll try not eating after supper again. DH is a big help, he's cutting out sugar too for health reasons.

Have a great week-end everyone.

P.S. can always type your message on your computer's note pad or microsoft word or whatever you have. Then do a copy and paste.
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