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Default Hi, Everyone!


I am a new member here and am a member of Weight Watchers. I attend meetings because it helps me feel more accountable. I don't think I could do the WW online and have tremendous admiration for those who are so disciplined!

I'm just finishing my first month on WW and I use the points system. I tried WW in the past but found that I wasted all of my points on junk. I guess I just wasn't ready quite yet. But now that I'm not only an empty nester, but living alone after many years, I feel more settled and "ready" to get to know who I am. The mobile app is wonderful and I have truly enjoyed playing with the scanner in the grocery store. I'm such a dork!

I'm looking forward to getting involved here and cheering all of you on and also lending a shoulder for support. I'm down over 7 pounds so far (last weigh in was hard.. just .4 of a loss... but I was on vacation that week so I'm not beating myself up over it.

Any tips you would like to share??

What I'm doing is I have broken my goal down into 5 pound increments, but instead of shooting for say, 240, 235, 230, rather I am doing 239, 234, 229. It gets me over that "hump"....

Have a wonderful night!
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