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Originally Posted by schenectady View Post
FutureFitCheck = You are right at the point that if you keep going, you will be able to walk into any clothing store and buy off the rack. That feeling is so wonderful and it lasts for a long time.

For me, not being in plus sizes, being in regular sizes, was something that I had not been able to do since I was married 25 years ago. I felt like a real person and knew that people were not staring, ignoring, or commenting on my size.

Hang in there so that you can experience that, too. It really gets addictive and it is much more fun to be addicted to new clothes (even if they are from a thrift store) than food!
Amen to that Schenectady! I just cannot get over the fun of being able to look at anything. I no longer feel like people are going to kick me out of the regular size departments; it's unreal. I was at a church yard sale last weekend and scored a pair of black leather knee high boots for $5! Like new. The lady working there said that several women had tried them on, but they found them a bit too slim to work. That was shocking information because, as some of you may know, I have been known to call my calves "ham hocks." I felt truly elated after that --

FutureFitChick -- Keep going! You are so close to that point! I liken this kind of weight loss to climbing a hill. Then you get to the top and, at some point, momentum takes over and it gets easier (at least for a bulk of it). Keep going!! We're here for you.

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