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I juice in the morning, not at night. It helps get my system started slowly and doesn't keep me bogged down with a "full" feeling. I don't know if I would like doing it at night. Maybe? Also, when I make my juices, I use more vegetables than fruits so it doesn't cause a sugar spike. I use a cucumber, handful or two of baby carrots, half an apple and half a lemon. I'm probably just traditional, but I feel like I need something in my stomach in the evening.

If you want to reverse and juice at night, make sure your larger meal is earlier in the day and you don't use the juice to replace the larger meal. Otherwise - yeah, you are eating dramatically less so of course you're hungry.

There's no ticker here because I have no idea what I weigh, nor do I have plans to get on the scale anytime soon. My goals are to take care of myself in healthy ways and let the scale fall wherever it will. "It's not about skinny anymore - it's about healthy."
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