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It's finally(!) Friday. I thought it would NEVER get here. My child is in the band at her school and her spring concert was last night. I went straight from work to that, then came home and finished helping my kids build their Powder Puff Derby cars which they race on Saturday. So I missed my workout for a 3rd day in a row, but I am going to get my run in today, no matter what. These 10 hour days are killing me.

But I only ate 1500 calories yesterday which is well below plan, and the daily spot check was 235.2 this morning. So despite missing my workouts I'm still heading in the right direction. Life will be back to "normal" next week and I'm not planning to take any days off this weekend, though Sunday is my down day usually.

Shannon welcome back, hope you feel better. We love Williamsburg too.

Rennie Take it one day at a time and you'll eventually get there. It is a marathon after all. Isn't it nice when family helps?!

cattails You are doing great in maintenance.

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