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I'm so frustrated! The doctor told me that I have done everything that I could to help ease my pms symptoms. The only other thing she could recommend is calcium supplements, but because of my age it could increase the risk of a heart attack. Great. So what next=> two options take a low dose birth control pill, or take a low dose anti-depressant. Both are good options. So I told her I would rather try the birth control pill, ok great. . . .BUT I have a history of migranes with Aura so that doubles my risk of a stroke..... That is off the table. PERIOD (no pun intended ) So on to the anti-depressant. I asked her about a drug interaction with the aspirin. GUESS WHAT. . .Increase risk of BLEEDING... GREAT. So she was going to put a call into my horrible Primary Care Provider to ask how long he wants me on Aspirin. I warned her about how he treats an ailment, but doesn't follow up. So At this point, I have answers, Diagnosis Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder. (PMDD) but no good way to treat it. FRUSTRATION!!
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