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Cana, love your suggested response to the mamogram tech!! Unfortunately I never think of those bright remarks in time. Perhaps you will Lucinda if it ever comes up again (hopefully not!!). They would have thought you look really good for 105!

We finally got back to the gym. I've tried to be active here at home meantime. I got in a pretty good workout considering it's been two weeks since I've been there. Walked and jogged a mile, rode the stationary bike 16 min on 10, rode hand bike 6 min on 4.5, and used three weight machines.

Meals so far today:
cheerios - carb
milk - protein
slivered almonds - 1 T - fat

am snack (probably shouldn't have had as my bs was high)
PB mocha made with almond milk and added fiber - meant to add protein powder too but I forgot!

egg white sand with mayo - carb, protein and fast
baby carrots - free

I've done well on my housework schedule again today. Dh is planting some flowers I bought to prettify the patio tables for Memorial day and the miniature roses I received for Mothers Day.

Hi to the rest of you...

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