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Originally Posted by vix View Post
Feels strange to be so close but then I remember that it's not really something that ends, the finishing line will be the start of maintenance which I guess for many people is just normal life, but for people who have struggled with weight it's another journey...I feel better equipped this time though!
Very true statement!

I was on work travel yesterday and the day before. Although I didn't get in much exercise (about 20 min of dance) I did stay under my calorie goal both days. Took some crap from colleagues about not eating dinner before flying back home, but I had two very large slices of pizza for lunch around 1230 that afternoon, and I honestly was still full from that when 6pm rolled around.

I really don't understand the need to comment on someone's lack of food. I'm obviously not at an unhealthy weight (either high or low). I had two large slices of pizza and I was drinking a beer. Clearly I consume food. What does it matter to anyone that nothing on the menu appealed to me? I would have gotten something small if possible, but the limited menu at the airport didn't have anything side dish like. Not even a side salad.

That rant over, I am quite pleased that I didn't feel compelled to eat when I wasn't hungry. This is not so typical of me!
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