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We were supposed to babysit today but our dd got her appt time wrong and when she realized it was too late to bring our gd here so she went with her. She's a really well behaved kid so it really wasn't a problem. They stopped by for lunch and chat before driving home (she lives in another city about 30 min+ (depending on traffic) away. That little girl says the funniest things...she keeps us laughing, and she doesn't mind bit. This is Princess Claire...some of you older members may remember her. I stayed home all was my free day so didn't do much housework, just did a little dusting in one room and the daily stuff. Probably will regret I didn't get a haircut but I got too lazy.

lucinda - Wow, that x-ray tech certainly doesn't have good professional manner does she? It's not like she doesn't see many saggy skin/ breasts...probably more of that kind than the perky kind.

Wannabe - sorry, please do not follow in my bad example.

Cajun - be safe, flash floods are scary! Sorry to hear about your cousin, seems like you have to always be watching your purse. I've been guilty of walking away leaving it in the cart even! Long ago I left in the parking lot (usually in the eve because I worked swing) and someone always took it in to lost and found for me. I'm doing better now but I used to do that a lot. The other day I thought I'd lost a few hundred in cash, but when I got home I found I hadn't even taken it with me.

Jess - So glad your surgery date is not far off now. It will be hard for a while but then hopefully you will be out of pain. You've suffered enough.

Hi to everyone else!!

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