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Hey ya'll!

Just got back from my appointment.

Met with the endo for almost an hour, then she sent me for blood tests, a thyroid ultrasound, and to consult with an internist/gyno for some lady issues (I haven't stopped in almost 6 weeks. It's not unusual for me to go months *without* a period, but months with is a little scary). Internist put me on a week's worth of Provera, then sent me downstairs to consult with an ob/gyn, who wants to do an endometriosis (endometrium?) biopsy. (At this point it was almost 5pm and I hadn't eaten all day, so things were starting to get a little dizzying.)

Meanwhile, my thyroid ultrasound came back. I have a .6 cm nodule on the right lobe, and around a 1cm nodule on the left lobe. Don't know any more than that until the endo analyzes.

These are the tests she ordered. I'll get the results in a week. I didn't ask for any of them; apparently she either spoke with the other posters in this thread or is literally testing for *everything*!

17 OH Progesterone Serum
T4, Free, Dialysis
Cortisol, Free, 24 Hour Urine
CBC With Differential & Platelets
Comp Metabolic Panel
Cortisol, Total, Serum
DHEA Sulfate
FSH & LH, Serum
T3, Free
Hemoglobin A1C
Thyroid Ab (ATA, TPO)
Vitamin D 25 Hydroxy
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