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Default 1/4 of the Way to Goal!

I debated whether I should consider this a mini-goal; I've been insanely sick since last Wednesday (on top of TOM from ****), and today is the first day I finally felt better, so I didn't really eat much for the last six days. However, despite how sick I was, I a) forced myself to eat as much as I could, when I could, and b) while I didn't count my calories or log my food, I did actively make healthy choices, focused on fruits and vegetables, and avoided junk - not to lose weight, but to help my body recover faster.

Today was the first time I weighed myself since getting sick, and I lost 5.5 pounds in that week. To date, that means I've lost just over 20 pounds - 25% of my weight loss goal! I know 3-4 of those pounds don't "count," since I didn't actively try to lose them, but I've been struggling to see any changes for a week or two prior to getting sick. I was starting to get frustrated and lose faith, and for a brief moment considered throwing in the towel - I'll admit, it was a huge motivation to see my weight drop so low this morning. The cherry on top was, for the first time since starting this journey, I can actually see the weight loss. My face is obviously thinner, my favorite halter top was literally falling off of me and my skinny jeans look saggy and markedly un-skinny. And the pooch leftover from being pregnant that I was beginning to think was loose skin, has actually flattened out!

So while I didn't "earn" those last few pounds, it really has relit the fire. Instead of feeling defeated and thinking I would never see the progress the scale was reflecting, I feel inspired and empowered. I gave myself the day off from the gym, because I'm still a little sick, but now I'm ready to get back to work and knock out the next 20 pounds!

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