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Hello ladies. I have not been around for a while but I am still struggling with my weight.
I have kept most of the original 60lbs I lost a couple years ago off but have gained as much as 20lbs back. I am working on losing 10-15 more to get back to my original goal weight. I will do well for a while and then life happens or I get sick of dieting and up the weight goes.
I really need to find a lifestyle this summer where I am in the losing mode and not screw it mode. Last summer I enjoyed myself a little too much and that is where the 20lbs came from.
I have a lot of changes coming my way this summer and boy is it stressful for me. I am trying to take the changes one at a time but I have a terrible habit of thinking and worrying about them too much which makes it worse.
IT is so nice to see I am not alone in working on the weight loss, it reinforces this is really a life long battle.

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