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My daughter was sick last week (bronchial/asthma, then an ear infection) so it was a rough one. She ended up at her dad's Fri-Sun, so I used my child free Saturday morning to make buffalo chicken meatballs, a stuffed mushroom casserole, zucchini chicken nuggets, spicy turkey picadillo, marinara sauce, and sweet potato/spinach egg muffins (I actually made these yesterday morning). Everything is portioned and frozen! My freezer is stuffed, just like I like it!

I cleaned my house top to bottom, finished every single load of laundry (including the delicates!) and was pretty much home free by Sunday. The boyfriend grilled beef ribs on Sunday night with a homemade rub, and I made roasted butternut squash with sage, roasted asparagus, and corn on the cob.

Yesterday we dry rubbed a huge steak, marinated honey teriyaki and honey mustard chicken thighs in the morning. We brought it all over to his parents' house and had a little BBQ - they provided the sides...and grandma made me a STRONG margarita

I'm back on the grind. The humidity has kicked in full force as of last night. I have my air conditioner running in my office right now. I did have a little crying breakdown in the middle of the night because of the heat and how uncomfortable I feel every year once the summer comes. I feel like there is not a single thing in summer that I can wear and look good in. It's quite frustrating to wake up every day for a few months and feel like you look terrible.
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