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Hi all..i hope everyone is having a nice Memorial Day. I had absolutely no plans today.....(again) which is okay. took a long walk this morning with some was a nice way to start the day. According to my friends phone app we burned over 300 calories. I don't have much of an appetite today....keeping the calories on the low although i won't call it a fast day, it may certainly turn out to be one given if I'm hungry later or not.

I finally got the house together, didn't really work on the basement though although thats next. No yard work either although I'm sure i'll have that done before the pool is open. Its been a glorious day of doing a whole lot of nothing. the dog is in heaven that she is getting so much of my attention. She had a few accidents today, so we still aren't where we should be with housebreaking..irritating yet i know we will work it out. Taking her out after she eats means nothing, there is just no way of knowing when she has to go. It is causing me anxiety....

I am going to do another OA phone meeting today. It is a start..

CATTAILS: How about sending me some of those morning glories ?

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