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Thumbs up Sunday - National Missing Children Day

Diet Coaches/Buddies – Best news ever: My new optical mouse is installed and a bundle of odd behaviors have disappeared. The old flaky mouse was causing minor difficulties that I hadn't attributed to it - just assumed that I was less facile. It took longer to break into the plastic packaging than to install! Yay for the automatic installation capabilities of modern operating systems - something we forget to appreciate since it's been around awhile.

Eating wasn't so good, Ouch. I had breakfast with a friend at a French pastry place and only had one croissant - Super CREDIT moi for that since the thought of two or three appealed. I kept telling myself that I'd have a peach when I got home. But dinner was from a potluck buffet with friends: wonderful conversation with friends new and old; reasonable dinner; but got into the dessert buffet - Ouch. I did take two walks, CREDIT moi. My cough improves, but dawdles so that I'm still skipping events where I don't have easy access to a quick exit since I'm still capable of a series that sounds like the Black Death.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – LOL at your new "Weed torch" - nothing beats a new tool when facing unpleasant jobs. Kudos that food and (working) exercise continue to go well.

maryann - Ouch for the irrationality of the human condition. Kudos for accepting that and choosing to move forward. Interesting dated idea that fruit is "a stepchild of a dessert."

nationalparker – Yes, "gelato in Italy" is a necessity, indeed. You got me drooling now. We have an Italian section in Boston - The North End - but I don't buy gelato there. I need to get me back to Italy; thanks for that reminder. Yep, the brain continues to decrease its short term memory over the years - a buddy reminded me of that yesterday. Reminds me of a super geek, super ADHD friend who didn't suffer from this because his short term memory had always been so bad he knew that anything he didn't write down was gone. He once borrowed a book from me and asked where I was going to write it down. When I said, "I'll remember," he responded, "No you won't," wrote it on a sheet of paper and taped it on my wall before walking out of my office.

Continuing to send supportive thoughts as you face such powerful emotions supportive your folks. Kudos to your brother for helping you see clearly what you're doing. Yay for gardenias to stay connected to the earth.

ForMyGirls - And a cheerful "Hello" back to you as you approach winter and we approach summer still wearing jackets against the chill.

Tricia (AZtricia) - Thanks for the "destined to fail" quote; I'm still wrestling with that concept since it's often used to justify weight loss surgery instead of being used to try to solve the underlying issues. Hurray, indeed, for "yummy peaches and pluots!"

Readers -
day 16 Prevent Unplanned Eating

Make a NO CHOICE Response Card
To strengthen this idea, make a Response Card similar to the one below. Read this NO CHOICE Response Card at least twice a day and whenever you find yourself struggling over whether or not to eat something.
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 150.
New Journey: 12 years
In maintenance phase: 10 years and 6 months
Following Dr. Judith Beck via 3FC's Beck Diet Solution Forum: 10 years

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