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Eightiesbabe84 - Keep up the good work!! Please know it gets better!!! I didn't talk about my Atkins plan in the beginning and my husband was ok with the first 25 pounds off but then complained about the next 30 coming off...he didn't like everything shrinking...(he has seen every pound gained and lost for the past 30 years) I was not prepared for that mindset....this board is very supportive!! A co-worker commented that my husband must be psyched since I lost weight ...which wasn't the case at all. Now 18 months in everything has settled down...because I am still the same person I have always been there just is less of me. I do think weight loss threatens many relationships because there is a significant change in your way of life and it makes people wonder what else you are going to change!!

Like Sarah I keep all food in a common pantry - but all the food I eat is fresh so all of it comes out of the fridge - I cook a whole meal and only eat low carb choices - I leave the bread, rice, potatoes to the rest of my family...I constantly remind myself that I am "allergic" to those foods....they make me fat!! HA!

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