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Originally Posted by eightiesbabe84 View Post
I don't like dark chocolate at all. if all chocolate was dark chocolate I would be good.

My husband always wants sweets and crap around the house. He works out of Alaska so he is gone for two weeks then home two weeks. I do better "diet wise" when he is gone. He doesn't understand why its so hard to stay out of the sweets when he is home. He doesn't have a significant weight problem like I do though.

Its hard for people to understand.
Are there sweets and treats your husband likes that you don't? That's how I feed my family, they get snacks and treats that I can resist. Stuff I can't resist, like ice cream, never enters the house, if they want that they have to go out. They live with it.

Some people convince their husbands to get supportive, some convince them to put their junk food in another part of the house, like a workroom or den... In my house it's still in the kitchen, it's just not stuff I care much about. I also make sure I have plenty of my low carb favorites around, bacon and avocado in particular.

You know, having things like dark chocolate around might be good for you though - the whole idea is to have treats that are okay but not DELICIOUS to you, to help break the cycle of desire ... you might try to play around with that idea. I started on that years ago and that's how I've been able to bake and cook stuff for my family. I make them pasta, but never lasagne, for example (my lasagne is too good!), boring pasta I can live without.

Finally, in your home life it might be hard to find people who understand, but there are a lot of us, pretty much all of us, on here! Vent away!
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