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A new year and a new me!
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Hello everyone .. so sorry for being AWOL .. I have been reading honest just haven't time to answer and boy am I feeling tired lol .. but its all good in the hood (as my daughter says lol).
I had a carb blowout on Wednesday so as expected no loss this week .. but hey .. I didn't go up either (fortunately my weigh in is today and not yesterday or it would have been another story lol) .. but I have refocused and will restart again tomorrow for my new "week".
So .. let me think .. what have I been up to?? Work really lol .. but its been all good .. On Tuesday night when I got home and did the baking I was feeling pretty good .. even though it was a really busy day at work it was a good busy and so the day flew by. Baked the Lemon/Coconut cupcakes and the Savoury Muffins to take to work the next day .. and the damn stray cat from somewhere in the neighbourhood got FOUR of my cupcakes when I was leaving them too cool!!! Damn thing .. comes in every night and up on the bench to get whatever is left out defrosting .. drives me nuts sometimes ... but then I think the poor thing needs to eat too so I figure if its brave enough to face the 4 dogs and get back out in one piece .. it deserves its little thefts lol.
Sooo instead of 2 dozen cupcakes I had 4 less .. then another 2 less cos hunny had to try them (2 batches so each batch needed a taste test, even though it was the same mix lol) .. but the customers loved them and I even had a lady ring back in the afternoon to thank me for the lovely treat and that it was delicious .. such a nice surprise that she took the time to do that .. I have decided if I have Tuesdays off Im going to bake that day and make Wednesdays at work the mid week treat day for my customers
Thursday I had a much needed day off .. and even though I just wanted to curl up and sleep for the day I drove 2 hours to see my daughter and grandkids for an hour or so ... then went to visit my sister who had a bad doctors report, it seems the lumps are back and its spread a little more .. but we will keep positive .. she has beaten the odds so far so we will keep thinking that way .. but deep down it does hurt and I am so scared about losing her .. but I can't show anyone in the family that or they will think I am giving up .. which Im not .. but it doesn't stop the fear right? And tempting though it was to head for the chocolate I headed home instead .. which was a touch and go thing as I was so tired almost nodded off a couple of times so had to keep pulling over to get out and stretch my legs .. oh but I did get some BEAUTIFUL fresh veges when I was visiting .. the size of veges in a country town over the city for the same price is incredible! So last nights dinner I had a yummy chicken breast, cauliflower, broccoli, courgette, carrots & brussell sprouts .. so yummy and filling ... then I was naughty and had some of a boston bun for dessert lol .. but overall it was a good day
Today its back to work until Tuesday .. the weather isn't wonderful but hopefully that doesn't mean the customers won't be out and about .. we have our winter coats and jackets 30-50% off so it should encourage our shoppers now that the colder weather is starting lol.
Will do individual catch ups later team .. when I get home tonight and have more time online

Hugs all


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