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The only thing that has worked for me to reduce cravings for sugar/sweet is cutting carbs. I do agree that everyone is different and what works for one may not for another.

But --- If you are doing low cal, low fat diet you are getting alot more carbs/sugar in your diet. Watch for hidden sugars, you'll be amazed at what all suaga is in and the amounts.

If you're not watching it now, I'd def gie it a shot, because it won't hurt to try for sure. Not going to say I never struggle, but I'm the person who had sweets EVERY day, who EVERY time I went somewhere I'd buy a candy bar or something sweet and down it before I got home, sometimes going out more than once a day. So I definitly understand what that struggle is like! And I can say now, it crosses my mind of course but it's not a major struggle like it was - I've done every diet in the book and the only thing that has ever helped me is low carb.

Also having the sugar removed from my diet I've noticed things that didn't taste sweet to me before do now... I had some canteloupe the other day which I've always hated b/c I thought they tasted so bitter - and it was like I just ate a spoon of sugar!

Good luck to you, I know that's a challenge!

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