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So today I'm trying to make a shopping list and plan for next week. One BIG PLUS - the kids are out of school tomorrow so I don't have to get up and grab the first, fastest thing for breakfast. I have eaten oatmeal for breakfast for years but after testing my blood glucose levels for a few weeks, I have figured out that oatmeal is not my friend right now. I need eggs or protein - and I just don't have time to scramble eggs or whatever when I'm trying to make sure my kid's uniform isn't on wrong side out and she isn't trying to get on the bus without her backpack (so smart, so scattered)

So anyway, I'm doing my research and planning and hoping for the best.

It's just too hard being fat. I'm tired. I'm embarrassed for myself. I'm not setting a good example for my daughter. It's expensive. The clothes are ugly. I have to go camping next fall with like, a million little girls. I'm almost 300 pounds, how far do you think I can hike? I'm just done. Hard is hard. Changing how I eat will be hard but good grief at least at the end I can shop in a regular store. I've been trying to find bras all morning. The damn things practically have scaffolding. Enough.

So happy weekend, everyone! I'm of to find WW friendly crock pot recipes. I really REALLY do not want to be stuck in the kitchen this summer!
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