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Rennie, I love the name Rissa! Does it rhyme with Lisa? If my youngest had been a girl, he'd have been Risa instead of Quinlin. Yeah, roosters can be kinda nasty; we don't usually keep any around, though DS's youngest chicks may have one or three, we'll see what develops.

Marlene, how fun having pet ducks! Do they tend to just stay around once they've been raised at your place? Chickens do but they aren't that great at flying, lol. Wow, 30, that's a LOT of ducks!

, I'm so glad you had a good day! One day at a time, right?

Shannon, yay on your good birthday! Where are you going for vacation? I eat out a lot (DH loves to take me out, who am I to complain? ) and manage it by eating vegetable-heavy meals and keeping a good eye on portions. You can do it!

I meant to do a strength workout today but just felt so darned tired, I took a nap instead. Maybe I should try to just do a couple strength moves every day or so, really short workouts but more frequent? That'd still work, wouldn't it?

Hope everybody has a terrific Thursday, the week is winding down!

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