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Great job SilentArctic!

Welcome Vortex!!!

Betsy, I bet you really worked those muscles moving the mulch/dirt! I know anytime I use a shovel, I get quite a workout. Be careful though, that is how I got my "tennis elbow" from over-doing digging. And it just won't heal because those muscles are used so much for EVERYTHING! Our bodies are so bizarre that there is no real explanation sometimes why they act the way they do. I had a situation ysd where I missed lunch and was out in the blazing heat running around most of the day so I had a quick water drop and I bet it comes back tomorrow so I'm trying to just focus on the numbers the day before so I won't be disappointed tomorrow when my body regulates. It is kind of like exercising and then weighing. You know you are going to weigh less than before you worked out, but you just have to do it and then the next day you are like, WTH. BUT, I still have hope that I really will weigh those numbers again sooner than later.

Starfish, you can do it!

Ubee, sorry about the boobs image, but egads...after you said pannus, I had to search to double check that I remembered what that was...first I'm stared at by all these gross dog eyes and then it just goes completely down hill from there. YUCK!
Oh and you'll do great if you have your mind set when those curve balls come at you. This time around it has helped me just not having off plan foods in the house. So, I have to actually drive to get something that I know I can't have and most times I talk myself out of going to crazy unless it is a planned break, but even then...I'm so much more concerned now about the aftermath. I'm not saying that works if you add alcohol to the mix though because that totally throws my willpower out the window or if it is a super special occasion like a birthday or something. And we'll see how I handle my upcoming bday break...because the water weight is pretty much a given.

Nightkatt, I still think you are a Saint! And congrats on Stage I Obesity. Woohoo! Feels great, eh! We are on our way! to lovely overweight! Yay on the size 16 tights!

WatchOut, You are doing fantastic!

Ferris, I'm with you. I'll be thrilled to be in a comfortable 12-14 in any style that doesn't have stretch in it. Yeah, I've always looked younger for my age because of being obese but now that I am older, I don't want to just be one big wrinkle once everything starts sagging. All of my new wrinkles are already starting to move down my face. I am hoping they'll just slide on off below my jawline so I can hide them and maybe they'll just disappear completely since they are leaving those muscle areas that keep wrinkles present. Of course, (hide your eyes Ubee), that means the old boobs are going to be down to my knees along with the rest of my face eventually.

SUUUUUUUE!!! So glad you see you back at it! I always miss seeing your lovely posts. I know how these birthdays do us and every year I say that I'm going to just take a couple of days and it usually takes me awhile to start feeling it again. I'm already both looking forward and getting a bit panicked about mine in 2 weeks since I'll be away from home for several days and there may be alcohol involved so I don't always know that person's mindset.

Welcome back LostButStillTrying! You are doing so well!!!

Great job DogPal!

WTG Ali! Good for you not going too off track on your trip. I think Atkins is considered high fat so you should be okay. I notice that if I keep a little extra fat it keeps things moving on the scale and in other areas if you know what I mean.

I'm am having such a stressful week and am a bit tired from lack of sleep so I apologize if I missed anyone or anything. I hope to get caught up this weekend! I will try to at least post my weekly weigh in before I take off for the day in the morning but I'll have to see how much time I have since I have to leave by 6am and I have a weird feeling that I am not going to want to get up...hopefully, I'll still have a loss for the week. On top of that TOM is due tomorrow so I think that is making me a little more frazzled than usual.

You are all super great and I'm so glad to be a part of this wonderful thread! I miss you guys when I can't get on here to post.
I will go with the flow and trust that it will take me where I need to be...

1,000 miles walking in 2014 (7/5) ✔

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