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Hi everyone. I have read the months posts and I am so impressed that you can stick with this diet the way you do. I have seen a few of you have slips and get right back on track. That is the most important part.

I fell off the wagon after I got the 11 days. I think I was so discouraged that I could not have fruit/starch at the same meal. I was under the impression that the diet would get easier after 11 days--not harder (for me). I was having a slice of 40 calorie toast and 1/2 orange at breakfast and bread with dinner. So, that became my cheat after 11 days . . . then extra melba in the evening became another cheat. I wasn't in ketosis anymore so a couple of nights I had what the family was having. Evenings are always the hardest. So, when I came home hungry, discouraged, and tired I couldn't get myself to make the right choice.

I almost didn't want to go back to the clinic. I knew I had gained weight. I was embarrassed to fall of the wagon. But, I am glad I went. They got me refocused and put me on another program. It is more flexible. Apparently, it is the diet they give people with medical issues. When I was looking at it I thought it was a lot like the pre-conditioning available foods. I like that a lot better. I also like that I will have a HNS and snack before dinner so that when I come home I hopefully will have more control and energy.

I have been exercising. I haven't thrown in the towel. But, this diet is HARD. I am kinda glad to be off the meta slim diet because it really played into my perfectionism or bust issues. I was so concerned about the "chemical" aspect of meta slim that I would let myself be concerned with such small things throwing it off. Also, it is summer and life is coming at me with "things". I went golfing with girlfriends and I refused to not have one drink with them. I think now that I have more flexibility without the chemically driven diet I will not feel so much pressure.

By the way, what I mean by chemical is that the foods are very well thought out (protein--fat--carbs) to produce a reaction in our bodies. This is a very good thing and the reason you lose weight so quickly without feeling like you are starving. But, I am not able to do that right now so I am on the slow boat and pretty content with it. I may switch back eventually. I was really looking forward to losing weight quickly. But, in reality it wasn't the right plan for me.

What are your thoughts?? How do you stay on the wagon??

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