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Question 46 years old and going to have Gastric bypass

Hi all
I have never joined a forum, but this seems like just what I need!
In 10 days time I will be having my assessment for a Gastric Bypass - and I am terrified! I am funding it myself so won't have loads of assessments etc. Just one assessment and then I can choose the day for my surgery, probably within 2 weeks
I have dreamt of this opportunity for years and finally I have a chance to improve my life. My main motivation is my poor health. I have type 2 diabetes, (early diabetic eye problems, numb feet) I have sleep apnea which was untreated for 15 years but I now use a CPAP. I have terrible joint pain and stiffness, sweat profusely and have no energy at all. My current BMI is 41, so I think that makes me morbidly obese
So........there are so many reasons for me to go ahead and have the surgery...but I am scared! I have just given up smoking - so I will be facing life without 2 crutches which have got me through the past 25 years, smoking and eating. I know they are both the reason I am in such a mess and so I should rejoice at the idea of being able to rid myself of them.....
So why am I so fearful?
I have not told anyone at work and have booked a week off - my boss is very judgemental about these issues and I can't deal with her disapproval, and should not have to, so I am still pondering what to tell my colleagues!

Any advise or encouragement will be welcome.........
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